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Men's Health

Men's Health services offered in Ojai, CA

Men's Health services offered in the greater Ojai, CA area

Regular men’s health checkups reduce the risk of illness, educate you on healthy lifestyle choices, and present an opportunity to build a relationship with your doctor. At Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic, in Ojai, California, double-board certified integrative medicine provider Preston Arndt, MD, and nurse practitioner Antonia Smudde, NP, offer complete men’s health, including bioidentical hormone therapy, nutritional supplements, and preventive screenings.

Men's Health Q & A

What is men’s health?

Men’s health care provides complete medical care to educate, optimize health, and prevent disease in men. It uses physical exams, preventive screenings, and patient education to help men live long and healthy lives.

Studies show that men are less likely than women to visit the doctor for routine checkups. Unfortunately, this also makes them more susceptible to chronic diseases, like high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, and certain cancers. 

What services does men’s health provide?

Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic offers various men’s health services, including:

Physical exams
A physical exam assesses your general health. 

During treatment, your provider checks your body from head to toe. They look in your ears, eyes, nose, and throat; check your vital signs; gently palpate (press on) your abdomen to check the size and location of your internal organs; and examine your skin for abnormalities. 

Integrative medicine
Integrative, or complementary medicine, emphasizes whole-body wellness. 

Integrative medicine identifies and treats the underlying cause of those symptoms using evidence based medicine from many sources and cultures to achieve optimal health. Often, healthy lifestyle changes like regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress management are enough to transform your well-being. 

Bioidentical hormone therapy
After age 40, many men experience low testosterone and other hormonal issues. Bioidentical hormone therapy restores your body to balance.

Bioidentical hormones are made from natural sources, like plants. They release synthetic hormones into your bloodstream that mimic the hormones produced by your body. 

Preventive screenings
Preventive screenings, like cardiovascular, prostate, skin, and lung exams, try to catch diseases like cancer early on when they’re easiest to treat. After an exam and a review of your health history, your provider makes personalized screening recommendations.

Immunizations teach your immune system to defend itself from viruses and bacteria. Staying current on your immunizations won’t necessarily keep you from getting sick, but it does reduce the risk of severe outcomes, like hospitalization and premature death.

What should I bring to a men’s health appointment?

To get the most out of your men’s health visit at Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic, bring the following:

  • Health insurance card
  • List of the prescription medications and supplements you take
  • Results from recent or relevant medical tests (e.g., blood work or X-rays)
  • Questions or concerns you have

Arrive at your appointment 15 minutes before the scheduled time, so you can fill out the paperwork without feeling rushed. 

Call Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic today to schedule a men’s health visit, or book your appointment online.